Fees & Insurance

I am currently available as a wellness consultant globally to work with you online, in private or group settings and via telehealth consultations.

  • Disease Reversal Courses: 6-modules (to be completed within 3-12 weeks, typically) at $1197 each

    • Group counseling: 2 hours, once weekly for 6 weeks to go through the course together: $597

    • 1:1 counseling: 1 hour, once weekly for 6 weeks to go through the course together: $999

  • Phone consults not related to course work: $300 per hour

As a wellness consultant at this time, I am unable to accept insurance. This means I will not do any type of insurance billing, processing or creating insurance super bills to submit to insurance for reimbursement.

  • I do not want insurance standards, policies and reimbursement fees to dictate my recommendations and guidance for clients. I provide a personalized approach for your unique health situation, not swayed by the insurance decisions that often stand in the way of a conventional medicine approach.

  • I do not want to raise my hourly rate for clients to account for adequate staffing to fight with the insurance companies.

  • Insurance companies currently dictate the practice of medicine according to their own rules, often changing without notice or for any valid reason.

  • I am wandering the globe, gaining opportunities to reach hurting people around the world. Insurance rules vary wildly and naturopathic medicine may or may not require licensing.

I am unable to make exceptions to this rule.