80/20; Driving through the Snow!


Today’s drive completed our time in Utah and provided stunning views across Colorado. It was thrilling to drive above 11,000 feet in the snow and in tunnels inside rock mountains!

I am ever impressed with the varied terrain and climates and colors and people this country showcases!

This morning, a conversation was struck up while packing the car—it began with dogs and quickly changed to travel/moving, cost of real estate, politics, and medicine.

At the close of our conversation, she introduced me to her husband—a type 2 diabetic escalated to the use of insulin—telling him I could help him reverse his disease. Even getting off the insulin!

I told him he’d have to do all the work; I’d be there to teach and guide him along the way. If he changed his life, his disease would necessarily have to change as well.

He said that made perfect sense.

Yes, it does!

This evening, there was another conversation with a delightful couple in a meadery where I was meeting with a couple of former students. The topic of owning one’s own business came up…. Then turned to health and disease and chronic disease reversal, this time with asthma, allergies and eczema.

There was a family connection with these diagnoses—both mother and son suffer with asthma... and growing numbers of prescription medications to “manage” same.

When I asked, “What else do kids get from their parents, other than genes?”, her husband quietly stated, “Lifestyle.”

Yes. So true.

(Fortunately, my son keeps a collection of my business cards and provided one on the spot.)

I sincerely hope these engaging and fascinating people do contact me for guidance on getting vibrantly healthy. I LOVE helping people reverse their chronic diseases!

What if we—as a nation and as motivated individuals—focused on HEALTH, correcting the lifestyles of the 80% (at least offering them the education and subsequent choice to change) instead of freaking out about the 20%?

But, wait!

If the 20% got the same education and choice to change their lifestyles, that would dramatically decrease their risk of a poor outcome with whatever infectious disease they had, too.

"Wins" all around!

Except for the pharmaceutical companies and those that get paid to “manage” chronic disease.

Something to consider.

Wishing YOU vibrant WELLness,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

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