Cross Country Driving...

First, I must say, "THANK YOU!" to all the truckers on the road who literally keep us supplied with All-the-Things we need and want from a material viewpoint. Wow! I don't like driving between them in mountain passes, but I sure am grateful for them!

This cross country trip wasn't quite all the way across the country (thankfully)! :-)

I joined hubby in Denver, CO and after a stupendous meal at Wildflower Restaurant, we drove together the rest of the way, dipping more southward than my previous drive 2 months prior.

Why the change in route? Well, one reason was for different scenery. The other reason was for specific food and drink! Hubby wanted to eat BBQ in Memphis--which we did, at Cozy Corner. (Very good! Desiree Robinson started her version of this tasty tradition in 1977. Now in her 80s, she's the first Black woman to be inducted into the Barbeque Hall of Fame!)

In order to get to Memphis, we took a dip into Oklahoma and Arkansas. (Why is that that Kansas is pronounced "Kansas", but Arkansas is pronounced "Arkansaw"?) There were some road signs in both these states that fascinated me. Unfortunately, we were driving too fast for me to see the sign, register the message on my brain, grab my phone/camera, and take a picture. Or even pull over before we were already past.

But they were similar in meaning: Type 2 Diabetes is a Killer. And it's a rampant problem in these southern states.

Truth be known, type 2 diabetes is a rampant problem all across America.

Once a disease associated with affluent, middle-aged, sedentary white men, type 2 diabetes--which represents 95% of ALL forms of diabetes--now affects our children. Of all colors! In fact, people of color are MORE likely to have type 2 diabetes now than white people. And about 3/4 of our young people (all colors) in the prime of their lives (ages 18-24) are being TURNED AWAY by all branches of armed services due to their chronic diseases. What?! Yep. It's a national security problem at this point.

While we stopped at restaurants that seemed the most healthy among the local options, steering clear of fast-food chains and the like, we didn't always get "healthy" choices on the menu offerings. (I thought my husband was going to FALL OUT OF HIS CHAIR when I asked the waitress for herbal tea at breakfast one morning. She stated they had English Breakfast (black tea), Constant Comment (flavored black tea), and green tea. I guess hubby was right--she really didn't know what "rooibos" was.)

The point here is, given what the people around me were eating--and what WE ate that morning in Arkansas--no wonder diabetes is spreading! Just like our waists and butts.

Did you know....? Ever since we started eating zero-calorie, zero-fat gram "foods", we've gotten fatter each successive decade? And that other nations around the globe were recognizing that white bread was weakening their peoples, while Wonder bread was setting the standard for what bread should look like, feel like, and taste like even when taste testers didn't like it here in the USA?

Wow. Other fascinating signs along the way were tagging the genetically-modified crops. No CAFO signs were necessary. (CAFO = Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation. That means as many cows that can be physically contained in a given space with a central feed trough, wading through muck & manure. That's our USDA prime beef! It happens with chickens, too, so don't let the Chick-fil-A ads make you think otherwise. Speaking of Chick-fil-A, the lines to get to the one in my town are THREE VEHICLES DEEP in the parking lot and still spill out onto the main street, backed up another block!)

Folks, it's not infectious disease that's killing us en masse. In fact, infectious disease of ALL TYPES (bacterial, viral, fungal, prion, etc) COMBINED amount to 20% each year in this country. The other 80%? Chronic disease. Most of which is lifestyle driven.

This is not to minimize the suffering the current pandemic has wrought, nor that which we have brought upon ourselves. The pain is REAL. Each person suffers in his own way.

I'd like to be part of the solution!

I DO have experience in REVERSING type 2 diabetes. And other chronic diseases..., but I'm honing in on diabetes right now.

So over these next few weeks/months, I'm going to lay out my 12 "Naturopathic Basics", or "Healthy Hacks for Life", or "Health Habits". (I think I need a course on writing catchy titles.)

Stay tuned! I won't be traveling again for a while.

Wishing you WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

PS: If you're wanting a Plan to reverse YOUR diabetes sooner rather than later and wondering if I might be the right doctor at the right time with the right option at the right price for you, click here for a FREE 15-minute consult with me to solve (at least) ONE significant problem YOU have as a type 2 diabetic. For REAL!

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