Eating "Real" Food: A Case of CF/FM

The last email/blog to you ended with the question,

“What if we ditched the chemicals and only ate “real”?

Have you given that any thought?

The #1 question that comes up for most these days is, “What does that MEAN?”

While there are 2-inch thick books in very fine print that you could purchase to look up each chemical in the ingredient list of your foods, health-and-beauty products, household cleaners, prescription and over-the-counter medications….

Wait up! Don’t panic! I’ll walk you through all of this. Take a breath. “Christie’s Cliff Notes” are coming up next. 😊

…I provide my patients/clients with a short paragraph of the WORST offenders in our foods and skin care products. By removing this “short list”, you will eliminate 98% of alllllllll the junkie chemicals injected into our “foods” for profit.

Profit to the producers and sellers because the chemicalized food is less likely to spoil. (Like, sometimes, NEVER!)

Profit to the producers and sellers because the chemicalized food is more likely to be addictive.

Profit to the sick-care medical approach we have in this country (which costs twice as much as any other country’s medicine and yields poorer health outcomes than most, including “third world” or “developing nations”).

Who profits from HEALTH? We the People!

What would our productivity look like if we were a HEALTHY nation? We’d be flippin’ off the charts!

Back to the issue at hand: the main players in the chemicalized world of food. Here’s my Short List:

Hydrogenated oils

Trans fats

Chemical sugar substitutes (Splenda, Nutrasweet, Equal, etc)


Artificial colors/flavors

Hight fructose corn syrup

Sodium benzoate

Anything you cannot pronounce or your grandparents wouldn’t recognize

For topically applied items, avoid the following:

Sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates



Mineral oil


That’s it! Simple, huh? (NOTE: “simple” does not necessarily equal “easy”!)

[I have created Courses for reversing chronic diseases that explain the “why” behind removing the above items, just in case you’re interested.]

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia are both "diseases of exclusion", meaning all the labs, diagnostic imaging, and physical exams are "within normal limits", but the person is clearly unwell. Most of the people I've taken care of with CF/FM have been middle-aged and carrying quite a bit of emotional trauma.

But the case I'm about to share with you was markedly different. She was in her early 20s when she came to my office after having been diagnosed with CF/FM as a teen. And she reported NO emotional trauma.

Very unusual! I took her history, reviewed her labs, performed pertinent physical exam (which was inconsistent with the pain of FM), and pricked her finger to determine her best individualized eating plan. That would take 2 weeks to get back from the lab.

In the meantime, she went on a missions trip to a small town in Russia where there was no refrigeration where her group was staying. They had to walk to the market daily to buy their foods for that day and possibly the next morning. No chemicals. No preservatives. Nothing fake or false or fancy. Just real food.

While she was on that mission trip, eating unusually healthy food, all her symptoms went away. No more pain! No more fatigue!

She came home, began eating her favorite "foods" again, and... you guessed it--her pain and fatigue RETURNED.

Her lifestyle was driving her disease! When she made that connection, she could choose her destiny.

See, if you have a chronic disease, chances are you’re taking a medication to stop the symptoms. But stopping symptoms does not stop a disease process. You've got to stop the cause of the symptoms to make any changes.

If you were to consider your body as your longest-time, most-trusted, wise friend—the kind of friend that speaks to you only as harshly as needed to get your attention to change the way you are living—would you listen to it?

Your body IS wise! And it will “speak” to you gently to get your attention that something in your life/lifestyle is not working for you (diet, movement, relationships, thoughts, emotions, environment, etc) as a nudge to get you to change your life/lifestyle. It only turns up the volume to match your own reluctance to listen! Just like a wise, wonderful friend!

Unfortunately, too many of us have to feel like our very lives are threatened to take notice of our bodies’ signals. Then we go to a doctor who has only been trained in two tools: drugs and surgery.

Don’t get me wrong! There is most definitely a time and place for both drugs and surgery! But they work best in the short-term. Once applied to the long-haul, they can cause more problems than they cure.

Just look at our health statistics.

YOU, now, have been equipped with a “First Step” in removing obstacles to YOUR CURE!


Really! I challenge you to make this ONE change for 3 weeks. Not even a full month!

You can do ANYTHING for a mere 3 weeks! Do this one thing and see how you FEEL—physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. (Not to mention how you’ll look or what your chronic disease parameters might start doing—notably showing signs that you are over-medicated.)

I love my job!

Wishing you vibrantly WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

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