Facing the Fear

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Welcome back, Dear Reader!

Does a transformational shift to shed a disease and emerge with splendid, vibrant health seem scary? Daunting? Exciting? Difficult? Purposeful? Adventurous?

Maybe a bit of all the above?

I’ve done it myself. I’ve walked hundreds (thousands?) of people through their own transformations. For me, every person with whom I’m honored to work is different. Even when I get a string of similar diseases—the same diagnosis is still different because the people who carry those diagnoses are different. Every adventure is unique. Every person is special.

Working with the “same” disease over and over again therefore never gets boring!

I have no interest—none whatsoever—in merely managing your disease; I am only satisfied when the disease has been reversed. Not put in remission. REVERSED. GONE. DONE.

How great is that?!

I want to start a health revolution! Would you like to be part of the Disease Reversal Movement? Not only will you get your health back, you’ll be more fully you.

(Just to be clear: the caterpillar doesn’t come out of the cocoon a thinner caterpillar or a rabbit or a cricket. The caterpillar becomes what it was always meant to be—a butterfly!)

Must we all undergo some great shift in our lives to become who we were meant to be?

Great question! I think so! Maybe that’s what “trials and tribulations” are for. It’s not just medicine that’s broken; this world is broken. So many people are hurting. The planet itself is under duress.

You’ve heard of PTSD - Post-traumatic stress disorder? It’s a real thing. You probably know someone with that disorder.

Have you heard of PTSG? Post-traumatic stress GROWTH. It’s a real thing, too. That’s what I want for you—growth from discouragement, disappointment, or disease. If you aren’t happy waking up every morning being you, let’s talk!

I want you to be on purpose, lit up by life, passionately pursuing your deepest dreams and desires—because I believe those were given to you, built into you by design. When you decide to commit to yourself, prioritizing your own health and wellbeing, your life will change.

When you choose to live fully as your authentic self, you will realize your gifts and talents and feel compelled to use them to help others.

That’s been my experience personally, and what I’ve witnessed watching others grow, transform, become who they were meant to be.

Is it scary? Truthfully, yes it can be.

The better question is…

Is it worth it? Am I worth this?

Truthfully, YES. YOU. ARE!

I’ll be right there with you, too. I wrote the course to help you reverse your disease. (If it’s not published yet, know that I’m re-writing it for you! The original format was for my peers and students in the naturopathic profession.)

If you don’t want to work through the course alone, you can always jump in with a small group of others or opt to work individually with me.

Some of you Readers may even be disqualified to take the course on your own, depending on the severity of your disease process and/or how many diseases you’ve got going on all at once. No worries! I reserve the toughest of you for me to work with individually! See, this is all about your success! So let's talk -- take a look at the conditions I am available to consult on or look around at the courses I offer online. And reach out to me via the contact form to learn more about an individualized plan based on your personal health situation. I can't wait to watch you transform into who you are meant to be -- healthy and free!

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