Healthy Living Requires Being Informed

I’ve been giving you some of my Top Tips for getting healthy. Let’s talk more about the importance of real food.

When we put our shopping dollars toward health, we benefit personally. Here’s what else happens:

We support local farmers.

We support organic farming practices.

We “vote” for informed consent on packaging labels.*

We help heal the earth.

We help spread the word about sustainable agriculture.

We allow for future growth of healthy food.

*Do you remember when General Mills announced their release of GMO-FREE Cheerios? That made a splash in the media for a bit. What DIDN’T impact the reporting so much was the fact that Cheerios had contained genetically-modified organisms for approximately 20 years—two DECADES—before the public was told, and then through the release of the non-GMO version. What happened to truth in labeling of our food supply?

Informed consent isn’t limited to sexual encounters, Folks. It NEEDS to be part of ANY CHOICE we make: foods, topical skin care, household cleaning products, prescription drugs, vaccines...

(ACK! Did she really just go “there”? Yes, indeed she/I did!).^

Do your due diligence, Consumer! Question everything! And don’t rely on the “Fact Checkers” until you’ve looked at the original reports. Media can—and has—been bought. “Cancel Culture” is really frighteningly REAL. There are “alternative” outlets, my favorites currently being and BanThis.TV.

In fact, since we’re now on this tangent topic—I’ll bring us back to center in a moment—did you know ANYTHING about the global peaceful protest that happened March 20, 2021?

No? Me, either!

Here’s after-the-fact information on it, though:

^”Don’t Vaccinate Before You Educate” was a phrase used by Dr. Mayer Eisenstein (medical doctor, midwife, pediatrician; very involved in public health and medico-legal matters). He died suddenly/unexpectedly at age 68 in 2014.

Oh, that true education and informed consent were given before prescription drugs and vaccines administered!

I recognize that many of you readers will now pass judgement on me and may even delete your subscription to these postings of mine.

Not because of any untruths typed, but because of a perceived difference in beliefs.

Not because of observable, repeatable, predictable outcomes in health (science), but because of what is believed—right or wrong—about how our bodies work (Terrain Theory), how “germs” work (Germ Theory), what “prevention” actually is (Primary vs Secondary), and the place for medicine (conventional or natural; health vs disease).

I believe our bodies are created in the image of God. Therefore, they are designed for health. There is an inherent, built-in ability to move toward healing. Our job is to provide the correct environment for health/healing…

…through the foods we eat…

…the water we drink…

…the thoughts we think…

…the frequency and manner in which we move…

…the media (music, books, movies, social outlets, news, magazines, websites) we consume…

…the air we breathe…

…the natural resources we use, reuse, waste, conserve…

[OOH! “Polarizing” on multiple levels ALL AT ONCE]

…and we are far more SIMILAR than we are different (race, color, creed, sexual orientations are being weaponized to DIVIDE us)…

…therefore, we can learn from one another to better the HUMAN condition…

…as STEWARDS of this precious earth we’re spinning on…

…which brings me back to buying, growing, voting-with-our-dollars…

…Healthy*, Life-giving, Real, Organic, Local, in Season FOOD!

*Here’s a difference: “healthy” for ME may mean something different from “healthy” for YOU.

The foods that bring ME into vibrant aliveness are lots of veggies (all colors), some whole grains (spelt, rice, oats), limited nuts and beans/legumes, wild fish, occasional red meat (lamb/mutton, venison), and NO cow dairy.

The foods that bring YOU into vibrant aliveness MIGHT be vegetarian. Or “paleo”. Or some slight deviation from mine.

Foods, just like anything else, can be tailored to the individual. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have so many “diet” options.

Let’s talk more about that next time….

Wishing you vibrantly WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

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