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The day after my last post, I got a call from a client in Ohio. He was wondering if I knew what the black sludge at the bottom of his well might be. He and his wife live in the midst of conventional farmland where various forms of pesticides are used liberally. They don’t drink from the well because his wife got sick after drinking that water once. Rather, they buy bottled water from a well-known commercial source.

That gives us LOTS to talk about today!

First, how to go about testing your water—well or public: contact your local government (some of you just cringed. I understand. Stay with me on this for a moment longer…) and request an assay of your water supply.

There, that’s your “script”: “I’d like to request an assay of my drinking water.” So simple! Most of the time, this is also FREE. Always ask, though: “Is there a cost for this service?”

[In case you’re wondering, YES, I DO script my patients/clients when they need to ask their prescribing physicians for a drug change or dose reduction. So FUN!]

Depending on the organization of your particular local government, you may need to speak with someone in Utilities or Environmental Engineering or something else altogether. I went to my local (county) government’s website, clicked on the Search bar (titled, “I Want to…”) and typed in “test my drinking water”. A bunch of useful (and less useful) information popped up, including a PDF on water testing and how to go about getting it from the Utilities Department!

If you really don’t want to work with your local government, you could always ask the local water filtration folks to come out and test your water. (Consult your favorite Search Engine online or Yellow Pages under Water Filters/filtration.) Keep in mind that they have a vested interest in selling you their water filtration systems, so you may have to endure a sales pitch to find out what your water contains.

Ask to see the actual assay (test), so you know what they were looking for and how your water ranked.

Yet another option is buying a test or your own water-testing meter in your local hardware store. There are limitations to each test/meter, so you’ll still need to do some comparing between those options.

Did I mention that clean, clear water has a neutral pH? Water is best at a pH of 7. It can be “medicalized” with specific water filters to make it basic (pH greater than 7) and that can be useful in certain situations for a set period of time. The goal here is HEALTH and drinking pH 7 water.

If you happen to have super-inexpensive pH paper available, I highly recommend you stick a strip into each of your favorite beverages so that you can see first-hand how acidic most drinks are. Acidity is the home of disease.

It’s astonishing what we willingly put into our amazing bodies without understanding the potential consequences.

[Oof! Did that hit some of you like a wall of bricks? There are at least a few of you reading wondering if I’ll “go there…”.

Hmm. It’s risky…

Yes, I will…

Pharmaceutical agents of any/all kind have potential benefits and potential risks.

As a pharmacist, I recognize there is a time and place for pretty much every drug on the market today. There are some that I think cause more harm than good, but I understand the rationale for use. What most people don’t understand is that the vast majority of doctors aren’t well informed in the potential risks (iatrogenesis, or “diseases of the drugs”) their recommended medications and shots have.

How then can they provide true Informed Consent to their patients? They can’t when the bulk of their education on a given product comes from a pharmaceutical sales representative!

And in today’s environment of Big Tech Censorship (gasp! She DID go there!), honest scientific discourse is left out—censored out—of conversations, decision-making, reporting… Even redacted from what were once considered reputable medical and scientific journals.

You’ll have to become a Member of Monarch Natural Medicine for me to say more on this topic. I’m one of the many being silenced on social media.

Back to the topic of water testing…]

Why is this important? Because until you know what’s IN your water, you won’t know what kind of filter you’ll need to take that OUT of your water.

[Okay, I can’t pass up this comparison: until you know HOW to live WELL/HEALTHFULLY, you won’t know when you’re OVERMEDICATED and need a change or reduction in prescriptions! YES, I can teach you that! (That’s kinda what we’re doing here…)]

Second, there’s choosing the “right” water filter/filtration system for YOUR needs. (Man, everything Fleetwood does is specific to/for the individual!)

Consumer Reports has their findings published here:

Consumer Reports also wants you to become a member ($10/month) in order to see what is Recommended.

[Prior to the brief mention above, did you know I offer a Member/Mentorship option? Inquire within if you’re interested!]

Water filters can be as simple and inexpensive as a pitcher that sits on your countertop, or they can be more complex and pricey like what I have at my house.

It all depends on what is important to you. That’s where you’ll put your time, energy, and money.

Third, concerning store-bought and/or delivery-service drinking water: please test it, too! There are NO regulations set on bottled water. That means that Joe Schmoe in New Jersey could be filling up plastic bottles of water from his kitchen sink and labeling them “Secret Source Spring Sipping Water” for sale to you.

Water storage in plastic is not ideal—let’s talk about that in a future post. There’s SO much to say about this precious resource!

Oh, yeah... I do apologize for the rather ugly picture above.... This is my home's personal set of water filters. These odd looking pieces meet the public water main and filter first with a really big carbon block filter. That filtered water then splits--water with no additional filtering goes to the bathroom; water destined for refrigerators, kitchen sinks, and fancy pot-fill spigots go through another reverse osmosis filtering system.

Wishing YOU vibrantly WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

PS: Are you ready to transform your health? If so, I would be honored to guide you in such a worthy pursuit! Click here for information to Transform Your Self. No, you don't have to have diabetes. If you'd prefer a FREE 15-minute call before signing up for a Disease-Reversal Course, click here for my booking calendar!

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