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Friends, There is SO much to share! Let’s start with this question, though: how many of you dread opening mail of any kind anymore? I’m talking email, snail mail, Facebook mail/posts, InstaGram mail/posts, Twitter tweets…. It’s getting weird out there, huh? I’m with you.

The last newsletter I sent out went into most people’s SPAM folder. (This one might, too.) I put so much information into that newsletter that several important pieces actually got cut off. So I’m pledging to send shorter, more frequent bursts of information your way. And I’ll try to wrap it all back into health and healing.

The main things missed from the last long newsletter were 2 announcements: 1. “The True History of Medicine: How Healthcare Became Sick Care” documentary is temporarily being housed for your FREE viewing at! Pop some non-GMO corn on the stove and look for some of those SAME players in the background of what’s happening in today’s medical monopoly. 2. is UP and RUNNING! For a limited time—the next 55 “students” to enroll—get any of the $1997 courses for $549! The choices are: a. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes b. Reversing High Blood Pressure c. Reversing Cholesterol Issues d. Reversing Asthma e. “Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired” Reversal

YAY!! If you have any trouble with the brand new site, please let me know by emailing In case you’ve had an email bounce back to you—yes, there was a technical issue from June 6 until probably about June 18—please try again. Clearly, technology is NOT my “genius zone”. But disease reversal IS!! Now for some “NEWS and VIEWS” that some of you might use…

1. “Lessons from the Lockdown”, a white paper from two members of Health Choice ( For those of you who love graphs, this paper is for YOU! With all the deaths reported due to CoVID19, it’s good to have some perspective and POSITIVE findings coming out of the data. Our very young children are NOT dying at the usual anticipated rate. This correlates to the 80 million doses of various vaccines that aren’t being given during the lockdown. References cited at the end!

2. “Lockdowns Hit Minority Businesses”, an editorial piece from the Wall Street Journal. “From February to April, the number of active black business owners fell 41%, according to an analysis last week from the National Bureau of Economic Research.” That’s the summary. CoVID19 is hitting our Black (and Hispanic) brothers and sisters harder physically and fiscally.

3. On a very different, yet related topic, “The Abrupt, Radical Reversal in How Public Health Experts Now Speak about the Coronavirus and Mass Gatherings” compares health guidance before and during/shortly after the recent (and ongoing) protests. Blacks and Hispanics are at an increased risk of complications with a CoVID19 infection. If it’s true that being near others while breathing increases risk of disease with this novel virus, then protesting alongside our relatives of color puts them at greater risk. Yet racial injustice must end. Where lies the balance?

4. Martin Luther King, Jr’s niece, Alveda, has this to say about the racial divide and current events: “Trump is moving the nation toward police reform and racial justice.” Rather than defunding the police and chasing them out of neighborhoods, there needs to be additional training and stronger ties between police and the communities they have pledged to serve. Evangelist Dr. Alveda King goes on to say, “…with God’s help, humans have the ability to have our hearts and minds transformed and thereby heal the wounds of division. Let us open our eyes and see that we are one human race. We are not colorblind. We all bleed the same. We must learn to live together as brothers and sisters in America; not perish as fools.” I say, “Amen, sister!”

5. Back to vaccines and CoVID-19…. You KNOW there’s an agenda, right? If not, PLEASE read this piece, followed by a perusal of Make note of the players. You may totally agree! You may be 110% vehemently opposed. Either way, be informed. “’Decentralized ID at All Costs’: Advisor Quits ID2020 over Blockchain Fixation”. 6. Among my favorites of late is this:; an interview of Ireland’s Professor Dolores Cahill by Highwire’s Del Bigtree. Dr. Cahill’s list of credentials in biology, immunology, virology; patents; awards; scientific discoveries and cutting edge technologies… is as long as I am tall. And I’m pretty tall! My favorite: her forceful request to have every leader—along with their medical advisory teams—of every nation holding their healthy constituents in quarantine give an explanation for their actions. I want to meet this powerhouse!

So, … How about chronic disease reversal?!

We know that those of advanced age are at greater risk of complications with CoVID-19. We know this novel virus is likely to stick around awhile. We know there are ethnic disparities in outcomes; that Blacks and Hispanics tend to have worse outcomes. We know that “comorbidities”—having one or more chronic disease—puts a person at greater risk of a negative outcome with CoVID19.

I’m an expert in HEALTH. My niche is getting people off their drugs!

My pharmacist brain explains the potential harm the medications can cause and my physician brain develops a plan for minimizing that potential harm while my educator brain teaches my patients/clients how to LIVE differently. Then we, as a team, look for evidence of change—subjective (symptoms) and objective (signs) evidence. THIS is evidence-based medicine! And when the evidence is clear that the person is too healthy for the medications, I offer the script to help my patients/clients talk to their prescribers about reducing or discontinuing the prescription drugs. Healthy habits lead to disease reversal. I’ve walked so many people through this process—too many to count. And I LOVE doing it!

Interested? You can click here to go to to select your Disease Reversing Course (currently priced at $549) OR contact me for 90-120 minute consult ($597) via

Wishing you WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

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