Repost:The Diabetes Dilemma

Did you know that type 2 diabetes, once a disease relegated to the sedentary corporate executive, is being diagnosed in our children? It's true.

Obesity trends have steadily risen since we went sugar-free in the 1970s and fat-free in the 1980s. We ought to be among the thinnest people on the planet! But the opposite is true—Americans rank #12 as the most obese people in the world.

But you don’t have to be overweight any longer to get the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Granted, most people with type 2 diabetes (80%) are overweight but being obese is not a criterion for the diagnosis. In fact, there are folks who look thin on the outside, but are carrying a disproportionate amount of fat around their organs on the inside. They get their own acronym, TOFI: Thin Outside, Fat Inside. And they are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Have you ever looked around in a social setting—at a family reunion or wedding reception or people-watching at the shopping mall (especially in the food court)—and noticed that the largest folks in the room are typically the ones drinking the diet soda?

Research now shows that those who consume diet drinks and eat zero-fat gram “food” get accelerated down the path of blood sugar irregularities just as fast as those drinking full sugar (actually, high-fructose corn syrup) sodas.

And, there's even more to the story.

Did you know that there are prescription medications that can cause such an issue with blood sugar regulation that type 2 diabetes is diagnosed? This is also true.

That’s called “iatrogenesis”: harm from medicine.

And then, the drugs used to treat diabetes have their own warnings—some receiving the FDA’s biggest, baddest warning: the Black Box Warning—that can cause additional “diseases.” Or, more iatrogenesis.

COMMERCIAL BREAK: for those of you interested in iatrogenesis and type 2 diabetes, in particular, I’ve written a booklet on the subject, “Diseases of the Drugs: the Diabetes Connection”. It’s available for FREE; all you pay is shipping and handling. I’ve also written a chapter for a medical textbook that’s all about iatrogenesis in cardiovascular medicine, which is available for free download.


If you understand human physiology—what the body needs to function well—it’s easy: eat real food! The problem there is that we have gotten so far removed from our food sources.

The food growing industry has also become massive. There’s a growing monopoly in the Big Agri food world, with a mere 10 companies holding the reigns of the bulk of the planet’s food supply.

And you thought Big Pharma was bad?! Change does need to happen.

Since neither you nor I are likely in a position to take on the Big Boys in a showdown, what if we started with your health, instead?

I’m steadily working on my transformation… 😊

I would love to assist you with YOUR transformation!

What do you have to lose? I’ll tell you: if you’ve been diagnosed with the lifestyle disease of type 2 diabetes, you stand to lose time from work, promotions within your workplace, time with family (as your lifespan, with the disease “well managed”, is expected to be a good decade shorter), family milestones (think grandchildren, graduations, weddings, anniversaries), your sex life, eyesight, kidney function, limbs.

Wouldn’t you like to live your life? Not just “make it through”, but really, purposefully live!? That’s what I’m offering! A significant change to your lifestyle is just what this doctor is ordering.

If you don’t like where your life’s path is heading, then change direction! Pre-diabetes doesn’t have to take you down the diabetes pathway. Gestational diabetes (diabetes in pregnancy) gives a woman a glimpse into her future if she doesn’t make changes now.

But even having the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes and being medicated for it and being told it cannot be altered…. Well, that’s just not true! I’ve worked with way too many diabetics that no longer have diabetes to fall for that lie or allow you to accept it.

I’d be pleased as punch to help you reverse your diabetes, too. It’s not just for my local patients anymore. I’ve gone wild and written a 6-module course outlining the steps necessary for reversing your disease, complete with explanations, fun pictures, and videos for your learning style and edu-tainment!

I am serious about reversing disease and starting a health revolution!

Come with me.

I’ll save you SO much time, money, energy, frustration, and pain. Are you ready? Sources:

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