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We have arrived at our destination!

THANK YOU for traveling across the country with me.

As promised, here are the top Myths and Stumbling Blocks that I hear when it comes to chronic disease reversal… and my answers/comments. (Just in case this looks familiar, it’s taken from my first published booklet, “Diseases of the Drugs: The Diabetes Connection”. The concepts apply to any chronic illness.)

Myth #1. “It’s in my genes!”

a. You also get your parents’ lifestyle along with those genes—until you decide to live differently!

b. Once you choose to live differently, your genes of disease expression are turned off. Yes! You have control over about 70% of how your own genes behave!

c. Our chosen lifestyles are more involved in turning genes of disease expression on or off than our genetic predisposition. You have control over this.

Myth #2. “Healthy foods don’t taste good.”

a. Let’s call an addiction what it is—an addiction! And you may well be addicted to chemicals, fats, sugars.

b. Once you clean up the diet and offer your amazing body the proper fuel it needs to work efficiently, it will. And those foods will taste absolutely delicious to you.

c. Taste buds can be reminded to love healthy food. You are designed to eat food that is real, not processed, stripped of nutrients and pumped full of chemicals intended to “hook” you.

Myth #3. “All my favorite foods would have to go away in order for me to get healthy.”

a. Aha! You at least understand that your foods are causing you to be unhealthy! You’re off to a great start!

b. Any time I suggest that certain “foods” be removed, I offer multiple options as substitutes.

c. Start with less toxic versions of your current favorites. You’ll happily release even those over time.

Myth #4. “It’s too hard.”

a. Ever heard the quote, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty….”? (Theodore Roosevelt) Your ONE LIFE is precious. Your ONE BODY is priceless. You are worth this effort!

b. I have helped countless others reverse their diseases; I can help you, too.

c. I’ve reversed my own disease by changing my own life. I used to eat fast food most days, drink soda all day long, and eat candy bars nearly every afternoon. If I can change—and write the curriculum to teach doctors how to counsel other people to change— you can change, too!

Myth #4. “Eating healthy is too expensive.”

a. In the beginning, as you’re reading labels and learning to shop differently, yes, it will be more expensive. It will cost you in money, time, and energy. That will shift as you’re able to recognize a “safe” food item in the warehouse setting or megastore. Plus, you'll begin to eat LESS, as real food is far more satisfying than overly processed food stuffs.

b. How expensive is your disease? Type 2 diabetes, in this country, runs about $250 per month in out-of-pocket expenses. Not to mention the emotional, mental, and physical strain, potential loss of work due to complications or even routine monitoring of diabetes (despite the medications), being passed over for a promotion because you’ve missed too many days from work, or your performance has suffered due to the strain of having diabetes, missing events with family and friends, dying earlier than expected....

c. If you’re self-employed, the burden of having a chronic disease and its projected progression can be even more expensive.

Myth #6. “I’m too far gone/I have too many diseases to reverse anything.”

a. I’d be ever so curious to have a conversation with you to hear your story and understand why you think this (and the next myth on this list). I have seen what conventional medicine deems “medical miracles”, and I’ve witnessed them on a daily basis with my desperately ill patients/clients. Type 2 diabetes is a piece of cake (pun intended) compared to other diseases I’ve helped people reverse. If you happen to have the exceptionally common cardiovascular triad: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes? NO PROBELM!

b. Got depression and/or anxiety and/or sleep issues and/or erectile dysfunction to accompany the diabetes? NO PROBLEM! Really, these separate diagnoses are all related!

c. You may be “too far gone”. But since I’m the subject matter expert in this, how about I weigh in on the truth of the matter before you give up?

Myth #7. “Your plan sounds good and the evidence seems solid; but, while reversing disease may work for others, it likely won’t work for me.”

a. See above (myth #6).

b. Seriously! It's not just the "difficult" conditions that reverse. I've seen the "impossible" reverse, too: rheumatoid arthritis (deformation of joints doesn't completely revert to normal, but range of motion increases and pain decreases with auto-antibodies dropping back to normal), multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, lupus, asthma...

c. What do you have to lose, at this point? Right: Your eyesight, your sex life, your kidneys, your limbs, your LIFE! I am throwing you a virtual lifeline! Grab hold and let's give this process a chance!

Stumbling Block #1. Ignorance

a. You didn’t know that most diseases were lifestyle driven; therefore, changing the lifestyle alters the disease process and outcome. Now you do!

b. Ignorance may be “bliss”, but it can still kill you! (Eighteenth-century English poet Thomas Gray: “Where ignorance is bliss, / 'Tis folly to be wise.'”)

c. “Knowledge is POWER!” (Sir Francis Bacon, circa 1597)—but only if you apply it to your life! Come along with me. We’ll have fun learning a few things along the way.

Stumbling Block #2. Media

a. So true! Our culture promotes poor health with direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical advertising, and ads with strong emotional hooks that encourage drug-seeking behavior (“ask your doctor if this drug is right for you”).

b. Our culture also promotes chemical-filled “foods”, “fast” foods, “junk” foods, overly processed foods, and “food stuffs”. (What even IS that?)

c. Vote with your shopping dollars! Push back against this growing machine! Let’s change the culture to one that values HEALTH!

Last, but not least, is….

Stumbling Block #3. Conventional medicine

a. You were probably told you’d have this disease for the rest of your life, that there is no “cure”. For them, your disease is “incurable”. I’m not one of them! As a pharmacist and educator, I understand the drugs even better than they do. As a naturopathic physician trained in the vitalist tradition, I also know a different way to view the body and engage it to heal itself. We are, after all, created/ designed for HEALTH!

b. You were probably not told to change your lifestyle for a different outcome, or that the drugs used to "manage" your disease are to be used in conjunction with or after lifestyle efforts have failed.

c. You are probably aware that the medical system is broken, and that doctors are trained to manage disease, not reverse it.

Last year was disastrous on many counts. But every disaster shows the blessings in stark contrast. One of the pieces of gold that came from a global pandemic was that many people re-ordered their lives. Priorities--what is most important and what is not so much--were reconsidered.

HEALTH must be in a TOP setting of your priority list.

Wishing you WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

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