The Rub: Time or Money

Now we come to a difficult truth. Most people fail to correct their lifestyles due to either time or money.

Yes, there are many beliefs around “health” and “disease”, and many excuses that litter the stages in between….

Hmmm. I think I posted the Top Ten Myths and Stumbling Blocks toward the end of my first cross-country drive this year. Late March. (Just in case you wanted to review them.)

So let’s talk about time and money.

First, a question for you:

What are your Top Four Priorities in life? (In order of importance, please.)

Phrased another way, what are the Four Most Important Things/People in your life? (Still in order, please.)

This is important!

Is your health among your Top Four Priorities in life?

Here’s my own example:

1- My relationship with God

2- My own personal health (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually)

3- My family

4- My work/passion

Ooh… I can feel some judgement already…

Here’s another question for you:

How impactful will you be in any of your prioritized pursuits if YOU aren’t healthy?

I only rearranged my priorities after failing everything and everyone else. Please learn from my mistakes!

When I am ill, I can’t work. I can’t do fun things with my family. I tend to sulk in my misery and blame myself for having gotten sick (or broken a bone) in the first place and shame myself for all the things I’m not accomplishing.

Three years ago (July 2018), I became significantly ill after teaching two 3-day intensives back-to-back. As I was driving home from Portland to Seattle on my motorcycle, I kept feeling something hit my throat. I stopped at the next rest area, checked my helmet straps and my jacket collar, wrapped clothing around my neck (no scarf with me in July), and again proceeded north. Within days, I was running a significant fever, had a miserably sore throat, was extremely fatigued and congested, and had an almost debilitating cough.

I couldn’t see patients.

I couldn’t provide preceptorships or mentoring to my beloved students. In fact, two of them took it in turn to come to my house to provide ME with care!

I continued to do “my chores” for a while… picking up after the chickens, feeding the chickens; cleaning up after the puppy, training the puppy, feeding the puppy; cleaning the house, washing the dishes, hanging out the clothes… Until my adult son called from 3000 miles away and sternly chastised me.

“Mom, you’re SICK! Go to BED! Stop doing chores—other members of the household can do that. And they will, Mom, if you let them know how sick you are. Tell the truth! Thank the students that love you so much they’re there ‘doctoring’ you. Now do what you’ve taught them to tell you! REST!” (There was more, but I’ll spare you additional details.)

I stayed sick through the bulk of November.

Needless to say, my walk with Father God was at a new all-time low.

NOTHING in my life was working “right”.

Have you ever been face down in a ditch, wondering how you could possibly roll over, not to mention drag yourself OUT? I have. Figuratively.

Once again, figuratively—when I rubbed the mud out of my eyes, I found multiple hands waiting there to help pull me up.

Enough about me. Back to time and money…

You can make more money, but you can’t make more time.

We all have the same 24 hours in any given day: enough time to get done the things we WANT (prioritize), yet never enough to do the things we really didn’t want to do anyway.

Have you enjoyed and/or utilized any of the tips I’ve already given you? Some save time, others save money. All are designed to help save your life!

How much is your DISEASE costing you in both time and money?

Time spent in the doctor’s office.

Time spent at the pharmacy.

Money spent at both.

Money lost when you’re passed over for a promotion—because you missed time from work due to poor health.

Ever increasing insurance premiums (because they can, and…) because of your “pre-existing condition(s)”.

Nutritional depletions because of your medication(s).

Higher risk of contracting an infectious disease because of your chronic disease.

Higher risk of a negative outcome because of your chronic disease.

Chronic disease the medications to “manage” it are the “comorbidities” you may be reading/hearing about


What would it be worth to you to be disease-free?

Would it be worth the time spent reading labels in a grocery store?

Would it be worth looking up local CSAs to join? Farmers’ Markets to attend?

Would it be worth knowing your preferred food-as-fuel? Or taking a class in disease-REVERSAL?

Would it benefit your family to be disease-free? Your spouse? Your kids?

Would you like to keep your eyesight, kidney function, limbs, libido? What about your job?

You can make more money. You can’t make more time.

Wishing you vibrantly WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

PS: I truly am committed to helping others regain their health (and their lives and their livelihoods and their relationships in the deal). If you think I can help YOU—and you’ve decided your health is worth prioritizing—please don’t waste time getting in touch with me. There are multiple ways to work with me and pay for my services. I’m here for you. Click here for my on-line booking calendar.

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