Water Transport

Hello, Friends! I’m back to writing after a fabulously refreshing time away. Those are my big feet in motorcycle boots on a dock at a lake in Ohio. Ahh!

Now that you know why to drink water and how much to drink daily, let’s discuss carrying that precious resource….

Definitely NOT in squishy plastic!

If you can squeeze your water bottle, you can expect to drink microscopic bits of plastic from that water bottle. Especially in the heat of summer sun!

Beware of BPAs (bisphenol-A) and phthalates in plastic containers, too—even the ones that are hard to squeeze.

Best is glass, but glass has the unfortunate habit of shattering when dropped, outlawing its presence in many parks, ballfields, and public pools. Which leaves the “next best” option…

…Food-grade stainless steel. These are typically light-weight and can be fully stainless steel if you’re willing to spend just a bit more for the bits that tend to wear out more quickly: lids, straws, handles.

I, personally, own a Kleen Kanteen brand water bottle, 44 or 46oz (no longer in production), burnt orange color (also no longer in production) that is dented and chipped/missing paint but still very functional after roughly 12 years of consistent use. That was money well spent!

Many of these stainless steel water bottles are now insulated for carrying either hot or cold beverages—and keeping them that way for a prolonged period of time.

The travel mug featured in the picture of my booted feet above is an example of such a container. It’s stainless steel with a porcelain overlay. It happened to be holding a really great chai latte (oat milk) with a shot of espresso and kept it nicely hot for me despite an unanticipated long conversation with another visitor to the dock that morning.

Now that you’ve got an idea for your own favorite water bottle, the final piece of advice is to keep it with you. Get several so you’ve got the right container for the right situation:

The perfect mug for morning coffee, chai, herbal tea—something that fits cozily/comfortably in your hands

The perfect travel mug for water or cold tisane or green tea to keep you hydrated while out and about

The perfect glass for water while working at the office or at home

The perfect pitcher/vase to measure it all and act as the central dispenser!

I had planned to talk a bit about messages in water, but I think I’ll move on to movement in the next installment.

Until then, I am…

Wishing you WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

PS Wanna meet with me in person or virtually to discuss YOUR health needs and goals? Here’s the link to my scheduling calendar: https://www.picktime.com/68846bc3-60c4-46ec-a95e-cfbebc68bbad

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