Where's the Beef?

Now that we’ve gotten the fruits and veggies squared away, let’s talk about cows.

Remember when cows ate grass? Yeah. Not so much anymore. And that changes the composition of the cows’ products: beef and dairy.

Cows that eat grass have a good omega-3 fatty acid profile. As good as what we currently attribute to quality, wild-caught, cold-water fish! Omega-3-fatty acids help keep the heart healthy, the brain active, the joints lubricated, the emotions positive, the cholesterol levels steady, the bowels moving, the inflammatory levels LOW.

Cows that eat grains have omega-6-fatty acids, rather than omega-3s. The predominant omega-6 fatty acid in grain-fed cows is arachidonic acid. Arachidonic acid is the “tipping point”, if you will, for an inflammatory cascade in humans.

That means more inflammation. That means PAIN.

If you’re eating beef, and you’re in pain, you might want to consider how the critters you’re eating were tended. And/or stop eating beef.

If you have an auto-immune condition, please consider having nothing from a cow. Period.

According to Dr Aristo Vojdani’s research, cows and gluten and humans all have similar genetic sequencing. So, if your own immune system is fighting against you (definition of an auto-immune disease), stay away from beef (even if it’s a grass-pastured), dairy (even if it’s organic), and gluten. Doing this one simple thing (remember, “simple” does not necessarily mean “easy”) will help remove a significant burden from your immune system.

Ever seen a CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation)? A bunch of critters (i.e. chickens, cows) crammed into a really small enclosure with a feed trough running down the middle, trudging through their own (and others’) excrement. Or, in the case of chickens, multiple birds in a cage stacked on top of other cages, many of which never even see sunlight.

This is the number one reason for veganism: to avoid hurting critters. Yet, as we’ve been discussing the best eating plans “out there”, many of you recognize that being vegan or vegetarian is NOT the “best” way for SOME people to eat. (It can be the BEST eating plan for some, too!)

In my experience as a physician, it has been much more difficult to move a philosophically-driven vegan/vegetarian into thinking of food as fuel and the possibility of meat as medicine than it has been to empower my “meat and potatoes” folks into being vegetarian.

I once had a well-educated, compassionate, health-conscious nurse come to my office complaining of fatigue, anxiety and most importantly, insomnia. She’d had trouble sleeping for about a year and a half. She told me right off the bat that it couldn’t be her diet—she was on the BEST diet on the PLANET—she’d gone vegan about 2 years ago.

(Do you see the correlation? It seemed almost TOO obvious to me!)

Any time you crowd a bunch of critters into a small space, there will be discord and disease.

This is why CAFO animal keepers feed their critters antibiotics. Did you know that more antibiotics are put into animal feed than into sick humans? And we wonder how “super bugs” are created!?

CAFO critters also get steroids and hormones in their feed: to make them bigger, faster (hormones); and to prevent the keepers from recognizing illness (steroids).

The more humane animal keepers have their critters enjoying life until they’re slaughtered, and even that process is as humane as possible. They get to eat what they were meant to eat (grass for cows, pretty much anything for chickens) while they wander about in nature.

The animals get to enjoy the great outdoors and have shelter provided from the elements. They get to keep their body parts. (CAFO chickens often have their beaks and claws cut so they don’t kill other chickens in their confinement.)

As an aside, these humane animal keepers have stopped playing to the weakest member of the herd through vaccine administration and are enjoying healthier animals with better reproductive outcomes.

Remember Mad Cow Disease? That was caused by man feeding dead other cows to the still-alive cows. ‘Guess what? Cows are vegetarian! They’re not designed to eat other cows.

I read an article in a scientific journal a number of years ago proposing fish meal be given to CAFO cows to make the omega-3-fatty acid profile better.

Really?! When was the last time you saw a group of cows gathered around the local fishing hole?

Cows are v-e-g-e-t-a-r-i-a-n. They are designed to eat g-r-a-s-s.

Another bonus for those who choose to eat cows that eat grass is less risk of E. coli poisoning. CAFO cows are full of E. coli! The kind of E. coli that can KILL humans! If their keepers would allow them to eat grass for a mere 10 days before going to slaughter, more than 90% of that E. coli would be eliminated. But that’s not widely done.

Check the source of your beef. And dairy!

Have you ever stopped to consider that humans are the ONLY critter on the planet that drinks milk throughout the lifespan…? …and it’s not even from our OWN KIND?!

Huh. That kind of puts a whole new perspective on dairy consumption, doesn’t it?

No, I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. I WAS, back in the day….

Back when my retail pharmacist lifestyle consisted of fast food every day I was behind the counter, sodas all day long (Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke) and candy bars every afternoon at 3pm. (While listening to Mike Hsu on Q-94—or was it XL-102?—with his “My Three Songs” game.)

Ah! I was SO unhealthy then!

So when a tragedy struck, I got sick—really sick. And conventional medicine couldn’t help me.

I failed conventional medicine. Or conventional medicine failed me.

To get out of the proverbial ditch, I fasted on distilled water and carrot juice for a few weeks (courtesy of my chiropractor). Then I graduated to vegan fare.

And I got better, but not as well as I knew I *could* be.

So I added fish and eggs back in—an “ovo- pescatarian” vegetarian. 😊 And I got better still.

I’m one who requires a bit of “meat as medicine” to be healthy. Beef is not a great friend to me, though, and the corresponding dairy hurts me several ways (knives in the gut with bloating, lethargy, skin breakouts) over several days, so I avoid it.

Maybe you need to eat like me to feel really vibrantly WELL! Maybe not.

I betcha I can help you feel BETTER by determining YOUR Individualized Eating Plan!

Wishing you vibrantly WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

PS: I truly am committed to helping others regain their health (and their lives and their livelihoods and their relationships in the deal). If you think I can help YOU—and you’ve decided your health is worth prioritizing—please don’t waste time getting in touch with me. There are multiple ways to work with me and pay for my services. I’m here for you. Click here for my on-line booking calendar. Let's discuss YOU and YOUR needs and work out a PLAN to REVERSE your chronic disease(s)! Whoohoo!!

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