When we meet in person--whether in a borrowed office in the greater Seattle area or a cozy lodge nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia or a breezy spot on the Sunshine Coast of  Australia--expect to share a pot of tea with me. Especially if there's a fair amount of counseling to do; it's so much easier to tell one's story when the hands are wrapped around a comfortably warm mug. Let's make sure tissues are handy, too. I expect us to be open, honest, respectful and curious. I'll bring my favorite portable tools with me, just in case you need on-the-spot help to relax and tell your story. We'll likely need a good 90 minutes together; let's afford more time if there are more people in attendance. Ooh! Which brings me to the idea of group gatherings for education and becoming acquainted with one another. (That's a GREAT idea! And a whole lot of fun!) Either way--solo or group--I'll provide homework to get you MANY steps closer to your health goals.


Courses are "Do-It-Yourself"-style with graphics, pictures, and stories scattered throughout to answer your questions, explain as much as I deemed appropriate (with additional "Let's Go 
Deeper" video explanations on my website for those interested), paperwork to record your habits and progress, what to monitor and why, instruction on when to call your prescribing doctor and why, helpful dialogue for talking with your prescribing doctor to get the medication you're on reduced/discontinued. You must qualify to take any course; those who do not qualify may apply to work directly with me via phone consults. At the end of the 1st Module, there will also be options for either Group Consults or One-on-One phone consults. These will alter the speed of the Course (dropping to a 12-week plan) 
and calls will be recorded and sent out to all participants.


These are just like in-person visits, only we don't share the same pot of tea! You tell your story, I take notes and coach you back onto the path of health so that you reap the benefits of living vibrantly healthy and on purpose! Calls will be recorded and sent to you in case you need to re-hear a bit of advice or encouragement. Any particular homework will also be sent via email.


I will be your HEALTH COACH. Not your primary care provider.

I will augment what your current team is doing for you, not replace it.


The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a licensed healthcare professional. We encourage you to make your own healthcare decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional.