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Your Ultimate Guide for Healthy Living

2022. Things have GOTTA change.

Because so many brilliant medical/scientific minds are being censored to silence, I'm providing these links.

Perhaps you already know this information...

Perhaps you don't WANT to know this information...

But these voices simply MUST be heard.

To each his own conclusion, but one must be informed to make an intelligent decision.

As a physician, it's my job to support YOU in YOUR decisions. I won't make them for you.

As a pharmacist, I understand medications better than most of the doctors that prescribe them. I will tell you the honest truth--good, bad and down-right scary--about your prescriptions.

As an educator, I look at all the viewpoints and bring forward the ones less discussed that often carry the most weight. (I'd like to be remembered as the "Paul Harvey of Medicine", telling "the rest of the story".)

So, in no particular order:

If you or a loved one has received any of the CoVID-19 shots, you may be most interested in starting here, as the burden of spike protein development builds in the system upon repeated dosing:

Interview between Joe Rogan and Dr Peter McCullough:

Robert F Kennedy's new book, "The Real Anthony Fauci" has a short video trailer:

A newly released 90-minute documentary, "The Time is Now":

...Because people ARE going to jail for not complying.

...People ARE losing their jobs for not complying.

...Hospitals ARE threatening to not allow non-compliers access to care.

...Cities ARE becoming "Constitutional Cities/Towns" to allow life to continue in non-compliance!

The Time is NOW to stand up and take action for our RIGHTS!

People ARE being HARMED by the One Narrative and its mandates. NOT EVERYONE, but enough to call a halt to what's happening around the globe. 

With love and respect and a desire to help heal,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

PS: My most recently published video/class, "Obstacles to Cure" aka "All-the-Things Needed to REVERSE a Chronic Disease" is being gifted to you here:

...because I'm SERIOUS about helping those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired TAKE BACK THEIR HEALTH and LIVES so they can be FREE to pursue their passions and purpose in this life.

Happy Thanksgiving GIFTS to You!


Hello, Lovely People! Happy Thanksgiving Week to you all!

It’s been a while since I last posted, and I have FABULOUS news to report:

  • This website is now up and running on a NEW platform! 

  • Quality work is finally being done on our home in central Virginia! We are still kinda “camping” in here, but there’s heat now on every floor and working bathrooms in half the house. 😉 Still no kitchen cabinets or bathtub, but that keeps us ever grateful for what’s to come!

  • The return to Virginia has had its challenges, but this is now the third season “back home” and the Autumn colors are stunning! I had forgotten how beautiful FOUR SEASONS can be!

  • My attention has turned from writing Continuing Education for health care professionals to writing Courses in Disease Reversal for the public. (Yes, you read that correctly—chronic, lifestyle-driven disease REVERSAL!) There are currently FIVE Courses published:

  •      REVERSING High Blood Pressure

  •      REVERSING Cholesterol Issues

  •      REVERSING Asthma

  •      REVERSING Type 2 Diabetes

  •      REVERSING “Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired!”

I’ve also COMBINED sections of various Continuing Education series’ into consumer-friendly “mini-courses” on the topics listed above PLUS: Allergies, Recurrent Respiratory Infections, ADD/ADHD, GERD/IBS/Chronic Constipation, Mental Health (depression, anxiety, bipolar II, insomnia), and Autoimmunity (RA, MS, IBD, psoriasis, AS, etc). These can all be found under the EDUCATION tab.

And because I’m SO very thankful for all the gifts happening in my life right now and for each of YOU… I wanted to GIVE BACK with this 90-minute piece on “All the Things” it takes to REVERSE a chronic disease: (WARNING: there is an invitation to work with me at the end. You’ll have PLENTY of notice to stop watching before the offer is made!)

MEMBERS: Kuma Coffees ( has allowed me to become an east-coast retailer for them! If you’ve never had their coffee, it is DELICIOUS with NO need to add anything to it! If you happen to be in the greater-Richmond area and are in the market for excellent tasting, excellent quality coffees from Central America, southern Mexico, and/or northern Africa, let me know! (I’m hoping a family member or two will open a local café…)

Not so great news for Members: my “hidden brain” is off-line at the moment. (Yes, it’s possible I did something to cause this current glitch.) I have brilliant minds working to find and correct the issue. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s back!

Wishing you WELL! Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

ALL-the-THINGS! x2!

THING NUMBER ONE: I've been asked to provide a list of Things to have on hand for "just in case". Here they are...

THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST! Rather, this is what I’d consider the Beginner’s Basics. These are chosen with multiple uses in mind, easy to find/grow yourself, great to have on hand IF/when you call me after hours with an urgent concern. 😉

What you’re probably already aware of/doing:

Extra non-perishable foods: preserved, smoked, canned, pickled, cured, fermented, freeze-dried

Extra tissues and toilet paper or invest in a bidet

Saved seeds from this year’s garden to plant next year; seed sharing

Extra water source/supply

Water filtration system (hand-held, for camping, using in streams or filtering rain water: many options or DIY!-- )


Vitamins C, D, A

Minerals zinc, selenium, Trace Minerals

Combinations: EHB, Aller-C, Andrographis Plus, UltraInflamX, (Cranberry +) D-mannose, quality multivitamin; other supplements specific to YOUR needs/current condition


For illness (30c and/or 200c): Sulphur, Lycopodium, Phosphorus, Bryonia, Arsenicum album, Nux vomica, Ocsillococcinum

For pain/inflammation (6c, 12c, or 30c): Arnica, Hypericum, Symphytum, Ruta graveolens

For kids (30x): Hyland’s Kid’s Kit

Botanicals: Calendula, Chamomile, Feverfew, Yarrow, Linden, Meadowsweet, Saint John’s wort, Mint, Fennel, medicinal mushrooms (reishi, chaga, turkey tail, cordyceps, and shiitake), Ginger root, Thyme, Oregano, Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

Traditional Medicinal Teas: Breathe Easy, Throat Coat, Gypsy Cold Care

Essential oils: Lavender, Neem, Olbas Oil (blend)

Cell salts (6x): Ferrum phos, Mag phos, Nat mur, Silica

Other: Constitutional Hydrotherapy tools (Amrex MS322 machine, 4 thin towels that fit each family member, instructions); “Hydrotherapies at Home” document; neti pot, Olbas-infused salt; Epsom salts; wool blankets/scarves/socks; thin, white, cotton socks for each member of family; onions, garlic, carrots, cabbage; food grade hydrogen peroxide; Wild Weed salve

Please do NOT buy your supplements/herbs at a pharmacy! If you are a Member with Monarch Natural Medicine, I am happy to set up an account for you with a discount (where applicable) through my own suppliers of quality supplements/herbs.

THING NUMBER TWO: I've written a 90-minute Class on "All-the-Things" you'll need to know/do to REVERSE a chronic disease. This Class is available for purchase, $48, through Venmo (, PayPal or Zelle (find me as ""). Make sure you provide your email address for sending the viewing link, either here, or  

Wishing you WELL!

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

Back to the Topic of Sleep...

Staying Present for Better Sleep

A lot of folks either have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep. This is a problem of presence.

If you have trouble going to sleep because you’re anxious--you're worried about tomorrow or something else in the future--well, you're not present. 

You've run off into another time, envisioning living in a possible scenario somewhere in the future. Hot tip for you: keep a pad of paper and a pencil or pen next to your bed so that you can jot down your to-do list without even turning on the light! Relieve your brain of the burden of “having to remember not to forget to do thus-and-such in the morning” and lie back down.

Even if what you wrote at 2am is illegible the next morning, it will be sufficiently memorable for you to know what you wrote. You will remember what not to forget to add to your to-do list that day.

If you merely lie awake in bed thinking about those you might have offended during the day or problems at the office or who offended you… If you're depressed…, you're living in the past. You're dwelling on things that have already happened that you found disagreeable. Hot tip for you: start keeping a Gratitude Journal. 😉

Select a notebook that is pretty to look at and/or delightful to hold, a nice pen or pencil—perhaps a colored pencil or one of those glittery, metallic writing pens—something that you'll want to use. After you’ve gotten comfortably settled in a seated position in your bed, just before you turn off your light, jot down at least three things for which you were truly grateful that day.

This may be difficult for some of you. I will admit I've had nights when I've been so frustrated at what was going on in my world, that I would jot down angrily in my gratitude journal lines such as, “I'm grateful for indoor plumbing. Good night.”

It's true.

Now I can fill up the entire page with things for which I am truly grateful because I see my world very differently than I used to. (There are some days with "extra" difficult news, like lately, that can make my head spin and literally knock me off my center. All the more reason to reflect in gratitude.)

When you start writing down the things that you are thankful for--and maybe it's that you have a roof over your head or that you had dinner that night or that you do have a safe space in which to sleep—write it down. Eventually, you’ll start putting more and more gratitudes in there, like “I saw an emerald green, gorgeous hummingbird, up close and personal while out on my walk!”

If you don't have/can't afford the pretty notebook and pen, list these things in your mind. You can read these words--they got to you somehow. You have a comprehending brain. You have more than many others on this globe.

Since I live in the southeast, I have the pleasure of watching lightning bugs drift upwards into the trees every summer night. I can get up just before dawn, go outside and lie in my hammock, listening to the cacophony of sound critters make at sunrise—as if they’re thanking their Maker for another day and greeting all the neighbors with cheer!

When you literally slow down enough to take note of things that bring you joy and peace and a sense of belonging, that tends to reset your mind so you can fall asleep thinking about the things for which you are grateful instead of the irritants in your life. This will help you move from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system dominance, and you will fall asleep easier, sleep more deeply, wake more rested.

While you're in this grateful space, perhaps practice forgiveness. (Maybe you are on that list.)

Sleep WELL.

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

CLASSES Coming Starting TODAY… Something for ALL

I have received more calls, emails and texts from NDs and ND students in the past 3 weeks than I have all of last year. And I get a LOT of communications from NDs and ND students!

The naturopathic community is F-L-I-P-P-I-N-G O-U-T over various mandates in various states impacting our few teaching institutions and the integrity of many. And with good reason.

Never let it be said that Fleetwood complained without offering solutions to perceived problems!

The Presentation I’m currently editing is for practicing NDs and curious ND students. I wrote it for the AANP to consider in 2014. They weren’t interested. I’ve updated it for the needs of 2021 because SO MANY OF YOU are asking for this:

Practicing Naturopathic Medicine in an Unlicensed State, complete with the latest laws passed in licensed and unlicensed states, what “relinquishing” one’s title actually means, options for exemptions (including links to “fill-in-the-blank” documents), language and unofficial practice guidelines, and which states are illegal for the practice of naturopathy. Roughly 1 hour (I’m taking a break from editing it at the moment; 1 hour, 9 minutes.) $27, payable to “christie-fleetwood” through Venmo or DrFleetwood77@gmail through PayPal. Don’t have either? Contact me for Zelle instructions or a mailing address to send a check:

Lots of people interested in naturopathic medicine are also contacting me, wanting to know options for working with me, what to do about the current pandemic, what to do with the latest variant of said pandemic…. Looking for resources and references and reasonable information….

According to the CDC, the SUM TOTAL of deaths each year attributed to INFECTIOUS agents of ALL KINDS is 20%. The current pandemic hasn’t changed that. (I wrote about this in March 2021:

“ALL of the bacterial, viral, fungal, prion and/or rickettsial illnesses you can think of, all lumped together…

Strep pneumonia,









H. pylori,





Clostridium difficile,




any other coronavirus,















whooping cough,





Yersinia pestis (“black plague”),




Creutzfeldt-Jakob syndrome…

Anything that “causes” illness (I use quote marks here because many illnesses we experience stem from an overgrowth of our own flora—because we make choices that throw our systems out of balance)—


—accounts for 20-30% of all causes of mortality every year. Here in the United States, we’re closer to the 20% mark.

That means that roughly 80% of deaths are CAUSED by chronic (more than 3 weeks), lifestyle-driven (choices that can be changed!) disease.

We’re making ourselves sick.

Every premature death is maddening.”


Focus on the 80% and the 20% will DECREASE!

Are you following me?

If so, I have a class coming up for YOU:

The Obstacles Medicine Keeps Missing address just that—obstacles to health. The “road bumps”, if you will, that keep us from getting truly, vibrantly HEALTHY. Some will be obvious, once I point them out; others, less so! Once uncovered, I’ll teach you how to REMOVE those dang obstacles. We’ll also cover the Top Ten Myths to vibrant health and I’ll offer Next Steps in working with me if you should so choose. I’d wanted to teach this one live (and maybe I will in my local area), but I’m going to get it recorded this week so I can make it available to those who request it. 90 minutes, $45. Email your interest to

I wrote a paper in March 2020 to address the pandemic. I posted it. I’m sure it’s been deleted or “Fact Checked” and deemed misinformation. Would you like it? It still applies, even to variants! FREE. Email your interest to

Many in both camps—NDs/students, patients/clients—are wanting to know that they’re not just going crazy, alone in their perceptions of threat to liberty and freedom.

You are not alone!

Last thing for today: if you’re wondering where Reason, Common Sense, Scientific/Academic Debate, Logic, Natural Immunity, Body Autonomy/Sovereignty has gone…. If you’d like to be in an on-line community of like-minded people…. If you are searching for Inclusion and Respect…. (What are ANY of us still doing on this platform?!?) Email your interest to

Just in case this post ends up being the last, you can find me at! If that fails, email me at

Wishing you vibrantly WELL,

Christie Fleetwood, ND, RPh, VNMI

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