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Did you know?

  • 80% of premature heart disease, stroke, and diabetes could be prevented?

  • Chronic disease is killing Americans more than infectious diseases?

  • Our lifestyle choices affect how our genes express disease or health; therefore, it’s our lifestyle choices that now determine our quality and quantity of life?

  • The average length of time spent at a doctor’s appointment is between 15-20 minutes? (That one you probably DID know!)

  • Doctors practicing lifestyle medicine is less than a decade old—and not part of the academic curricula in the vast majority of medical schools?

  • The drugs used to manage chronic disease come with costs—financial, nutritional, adverse outcomes, along with any benefit?

  • Our children aren’t expected to live as long nor as well as us?

  • Chronic diseases are being experienced by our children now?

I am NOT "Okay" with these statements of fact!

I’m a pharmacist (33 years), physician (16 years), and educator (8 years in a professional capacity). I’m sick of seeing the mass of precious people waste their health and their lives due to ignorance.

Lifestyle Medicine is a THING! While the medical doctors are jumping on board, naturopathic doctors have been the ship since inception more than a hundred years ago.

Still, for whatever reasons, way too many naturopathic doctors are wanting to practice medicine the way medical doctors do—quick to pull out the prescription pad (or supplement pad) and run every kind of test on the people who most need lifestyle counseling to re-educate them about nutrition, exercise, human anatomy (how we’re put together) and physiology (what we need to function well)!

If you’re as sick as I am about the “status quo” in medicine and want to see real change occur in your own life, I’m here for you. In fact, I’m writing booklets and on-line courses for you!

The booklets are my “genius zone” as a pharmacist, pointing out “the rest of the story” about drugs that can cause disease as well as the drugs used to treat chronic disease.

The courses are my “genius zone” as a naturopathic physician, teaching you how to reverse your own chronic disease at your own pace.


I don’t manage disease-- 

I teach my patients, clients, colleagues 

and anyone who’ll listen 

how to reverse disease

Really, it’s not difficult! 

That’s not to say it won’t be challenging. 

In fact, you’ll be more than disease-free when you’re done. 

You will be transformed!

It’s a journey. A health adventure. Each booklet and its corresponding course is designed with a particular person in mind who has had that disease and was on one or more of the drugs covered. 

See, I’ve been doing lifestyle counseling for about 25 years. It works! Beautifully! 

Just like each person with whom I’ve worked.


Conditions that respond beautifully well to vitalistic naturopathic medicine, whether you wish to see a vitalist in person, or consult with me via phone include:



● Ulcerative colitis

● Crohn’s

● Multiple sclerosis

● Rheumatoid arthritis

● Systemic lupus erythematosus

● Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism

● Mixed connective tissue disease

● Chronic fatigue

● Fibromyalgia

● Type 1 diabetes

● Psoriasis

(If you have one, but it’s not listed here, let me know. I bet I can help YOU, too!)

Skin Conditions 

●  Eczema

●  Acne

Mental and/or Behavioral Health

●  Attention deficit disorder (ADD) with or without hyperactivity (ADHD)

●  Anxiety

●  Depression

●  Bipolar I and II disorders

●  Sleep issues

Physical Health

● Strains/sprains

● Chronic pain


● High blood pressure

● Cholesterol/triglyceride issues


● Type 2 diabetes

● Gestational diabetes

Respiratory Issues

● Asthma

● Allergies

Digestive Health Issues 

●  Irritable bowel syndrome

●  Gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD or heartburn)

Neurological Conditions

● Migraines and lesser headaches

Vision Issues 

● Macular degeneration


● Chronic sinus infections

● Chronic throat infections

● Chronic ear infections

● Chronic urinary tract infections

● Chronic any other kinds of infections

● Acute infections

Reproductive Health 

● Erectile dysfunction and hypoactive sexual desire disorder

● Premenstrual syndrome

Conditions that DO NOT respond beautifully well to vitalistic naturopathic medicine include:

Life-threatening emergency situations that require “heroic”, high-level intervention in the moment (think horrific car accident, or battlefield).

That’s it! That’s a remarkably short list!


Because people are literally DYING from lack of this information—for education around what the human body needs to work the way it’s designed and expected to work!


Because I’ve got the knowledge packaged in a way that’s easily “digestible” for those who want to live radically, vibrantly, wholly healthy and well! Call it “edutainment”: education in an entertaining way.

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